I've really struggled with the last couple of weeks in the Art of Birding challenge (the themes of drama, and love). I think it's because I have had a certain idea in mind of what I 'should' be capturing for the theme: drama should be some exciting conflict between animals, or an epic sky; love... Continue Reading →

Climbers [Art of Birďing 3] "Climbers" was the challenge this week, of which I had many to choose from in my backyard! This photo shows the vine of a runner bean plant climbing up a corn leaf. They are two of the traditional "Three Sisters" (corn, beans, and pumpkins) which are planted together to help... Continue Reading →

"Silhouette" [Art of Birding Week 2] This week the challenge was simply to shoot a silhouette, with 'extra credit' to emphasize the effect in post processing. I don't usually do much post processing, but have started to gain appreciation for the simplicity that black and white photographs offer - particularly for getting rid of distracting... Continue Reading →

"My Happy Place" [Art of Birding Week 1] Art of Birding is a weekly wildlife & nature photography challenge run by Wellington-based photographer Judi Lapsley Miller. Each week we are given a theme and a stretch goal. We then post the photos in the Facebook group with a little blurb. Last year I participated in... Continue Reading →

This was the first photograph I took with actual photography techniques in mind. When I lived in Tāmaki Makaurau I did a lot of tramping, and would often take photos. After a while I naturally wanted to improve my photos and somewhere (probably some photography blog online) I came across the concept I tried here.... Continue Reading →

"Dragon Egg at Sunrise" I'd dreamed for a long time about getting a DSLR, but somehow it was always out of reach - rent, food, business expenses, coffee and brunch - seemed somehow to push it down the priority list. What could I ever do with a camera that hasn't been done before? How could... Continue Reading →

"She Moves In Her Own Way" This is one of those random finds that I'm glad I had the opportunity to capture. There was a fire that badly damaged this particular harakeke and when it re-grew it had this wonderfully unusual shape. It reminded me a bit of lucky bamboo, shaped by the element of... Continue Reading →

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